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やんばるの自然☆海遊び・森遊び きじむなあ☆




さぁ 貴方も一緒にキジムナーを探しに出かけませんか?



口コミ・感想・お知らせ等は きじむなあ☆群星 へ

毎日更新やんばる写真は やんばる みぃっけ♪ へ

*Nature shop "Kijimunaa" in Yanbaru ~Nature trip for the beautiful
ocean and forest with local professional guides

*Okinawa prefecture consists of hundreds of isles - "Ryukyu" islands -
located in the southwest part of Japan. Okinawa island is the largest
and most populous among them. "The Yanbaru" - the wild forest surrounded
by the beautiful ocean - is located in the northernmost region of
Okinawa island. Many kinds of rare and unique species only in Yanbaru
live in the forest of Yanbaru and there are lots of natural treasures.
Surrounded by both East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the coral
covered ocean is filled with beautiful tropical fish, sea turtles spawn
at the beach, the whales and dolphins route by, and also is the northern
limit of home of dugongs.

You can see the rainbow after a shower, and you can see numerous number
of stars in the clear sky at night as well. In winter, cherry blossom is
blooming earliest in Japan, and in summer, many fireflies are born and

At the tiny area of small island, variety of living things create
miraculous nature panoramas which always give us great expression.

The name 'Kijimunaa' is originated in fairies who live in old trees and
love to play around. It is said that we can see them in healthy ocean
and trees. We wish we see them in some day. Why don't you come with us
to find Kijimunaa?

*For our day tour, reservations are required in advance since we always
keep it within small group.


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